NZARM Annual Conference 2009

The 2009 conference was held in 3-5 November 2009 in Waitangi, Northland in association with the New Zealand Grasslands Association.

NZARM papers and presentations

Title File Size
Northland’s resources and landscapes
Bob Cathcart, Northland Regional Council
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Priority River Schemes 
Bruce Howse, Northland Regional Council
PDF file 1923 KB
Tane and Tangaroa: Coasts and Catchments 
Clare Feeney, Environmental Communications
PDF file 328 KB
Benefits of diverse pasture mixtures: improving pasture persistence
Katherine Tozer, AgResearch
PDF file 3000 KB
Government policies and programmes for sustainable land management
Russell Knutson, MAF
PDF file 516 KB
Carbon Farming
John Paul Praat, PA Handford and Associates Ltd
PDF file 1400 KB
Afforestation grant schemes update and impressions
Dave Cameron, Greater Wellington Regional Council
PDF file 312 KB
Productive use of regenerating totara
Helen Moodie, NZ Landcare Trust and Paul Quinlan, Landscape architect
PDF file 3000 KB
The roots of resilience: adaptive management & commercial vegetable production in the Franklin District
Kathryn Davies, University of Auckland
PDF file 1670 KB
Community environmental management – challenges and prospects
Maria Hepi, ESR and Julia Crossman, ECAN
PDF file 167 KB
Aorere – a community approach to catchment well-being
Sue Brown (NZ Landcare Trust & farmer)
PDF file 3000 KB
Farm systems and the future
Chris Perley, Hawkes Bay Regional Council
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Future trends for environmental decision-making: the rise of ecosystem services
David Coleman, Whangarei District Council
PDF file 255 KB
The tail of the fish – the interesting story of farm
development in Northland during the 30s, 40s, and 50s through the eyes of the agricultual journalist
Ron Vine Mike Vine, Soil conservator and planning consultant
Coming soon
Maori land productivity project
Lisa Kanawa, MAF
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